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Pilsen-based Artist

Diske Uno

Born and raised in Culiacán, Sinaloa.

His passion for painting began at an early age on the streets of Culiacan with graffiti. In 2013 he started his evolution into urban artist with the mission of leaving his mark along many walls of Culiacán. DiskeUno has murals in many cities across Mexico and also in Chicago. Recently worked on murals with Ricardo Angeles in partnership with Brown Wall Project in Little Village.

DiskeUno is inspired by the indigenous cultures and ethnic groups of Mexico. The rituals and ceremonies combined with nature in honor of the Mexican roots are the basis of DiskeUno’s work.

Hailey M Losselyong

Hailey M. Losselyong is a Chicago-based (Pilsen) visual artist who uses a wide variety of “canvases” to display abstract portraits of women. “The goal is to highlight the duality of people while also making them feel good about themselves. The work can be light hearted or heavy, muted or colorful, detailed or simple.”