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Permanent Outdoor Sculpture - Vancouver

Tony Angell

Tony would like to propose edition 3/3 of a piece titled Emissaries.

The piece is of two ravens, birds much revered by the artist and prominent birds in the Pacific Northwest landscape.


The price range would be $50,000 - $60,000. Tony would need to check in with the foundry on costs to come up with a final number.

That price does not include transportation or installation. The stone base you see in the image here could be replaced by something that is suited to the building or site. The piece is about 7ft wide and deep and the height is dependent on the base.


Heath Satow

Hi Tim, I don't think I'll be able to get a proposal to you this week given my schedule, but I can say with what I'm thinking about (which is in the vein of Sequitur -- one of my favorite pieces -- but something that makes more sense to the area and site) in the 14' tall range can be in the price range of $125K to $200K depending on complexity of the final design. If you have a budget for me to work within, I can certainly work to come up with something within your budget. This budget would include design, engineering, fabrication, shipping and installation. Developer would supply required footings and any lighting you want.

Lead Pencil Studio

Typically, a budget for an exterior project at a similar scale is between $140k-$180k. The proposal fee is generally $2,000 based on the extent of the proposal, number of meetings, and clarification. 

It would be helpful to be in the same ballpark on the project budget to see if it's something we can afford to work on before going into a proposal phase. Let us know if this is within the owner's interest. 

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