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Explore Tim Klein's extensive artwork collection, from architecture and landscape to people and nature photography. Whether you're a design professional or simply seeking to update your home, you can shop 

pre-designed artwork, customize a photograph to any size and frame, or commission one-of-a-kind pieces. We can accommodate any art photography request. 


Tim Klein collaborated with artist Joe Stuart to create this one-of-a-kind body of work.


Quality, ready-to-hang or custom artwork for every room in your house.




Business pricing and services — with no purchase minimums.

"Collaborating with Tim is a dream. He is thoughtful, focused and generous. Not only is he is a wildly talented photographer and designer, he has the experience and vision to push any project beyond expectations."

Carrie Kennedy
Executive Producer & Creative Director

"The work of Tim Klein is wonderfully diverse, always with a pop of color. It is a vibrant shot of life that effortlessly comes together to tell a story whether it is photographs taken throughout Chicago or a mash-up of lifestyle shots from all over the world. That is what is so much fun about his work, it is like having a passport to the human experience, seeing all of the details of life."

Heather Fritz

Creative & Marketing Director, CEDARst

"Tim's work is so visually beautiful, but is also very authentic and real. He is collaborative and wonderful to work with. Tim sees the world differently and is constantly finding the shot."

Joe Stuart

Creative Director

“The ability to fulfill my exceptions in a seriously unrealistic deadline was met with ease. I can't wait to do business with them again."

— Daniel Krause

Regional Resource Librarian at Gensler

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