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Every piece of art is a chance to share a story about your brand helping develop new business. Consumers crave authenticity in their lives and relationships, and they reward brands who communicate with them. Commission Tim Klein to document a neighborhood,

city, or community to create artwork that authentically represents

your business.


Stock photography is often clichéd, vague, or otherwise unsuitable for an organization’s unique needs. And should you get lucky and manage to find just the right photographs, you’ll know that they may not be unique to your organization. Creating a custom photo library can solve that problem. A wide variety of shots makes your photo library a versatile asset that will generate value for years to come — which can be used for many future projects including artwork, web, print, outdoor display, and more.


Tim Klein has photographed for Gensler and the Chicago Department of Transportation. His architecture work has appeared in World-Architects, Metropolis, and Surface. Commission Tim Klein to document your next project. He not only photographs the architecture but explores how people use and navigate the space.


Besides photographing for Fortune 500 companies, Tim has photographed for many magazines and newspapers including: The Atlantic, Chicago MagazineEsquireMarie Claire,  Men's Journal, and W Magazine

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