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The Alfred

The Alfred, located just blocks from the art institute of Chicago and distinguished universities in the loop, is a vintage office building that has been converted into sleek apartments. Tim Klein provided photography from his collection as well as sourced work from other artists and antique pieces for The Alfred.

For this project, I pulled several mini collections from my body of work. These collections are the result of my passion for photography and my love of capturing the world's beauty. I invite you to explore my work and be inspired.

The XO series is a collaboration with Chicago painter, Joe Stuart. Stuart has always been fascinated with the architecture of David Adler whose austere residences can be found all over the North Shore. The perfect symmetry of Adler's structures are beautifully captured in black and white photographs and then delightfully disrupted with colorful, playful forms.

Tim Klein sourced artwork from other artists for this project.

Tim Klein sourced vintage artwork for this project.